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(Advanced Step in Innovative MObility)
National Museum, Prague, 2003/08/22
Flowers for Czech sci-fi writer Karel Capek I´m sorry, Karel, ischias Well, now at place Short walk Now I´m ready! I must wait a little Don´t talk so much, young boy!
Let´s dance Short look around I have very good hands So long, people Oh, I´m tired
ASIMO draw Karel Capek, Czech famous sci-fi writer Ondrej Neff, next Czech sci-fi writer O.N. & too many journalists Pantheon of National Museum Hall of National Museum
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First steps (3,8 MB)
Round (15,9 MB)
Dancing (15,7 MB)
Upstairs (20,5 MB)
Tisková zpráva společnosti Honda (in Czech only)
ASIMO v Praze - Neviditelný pes (in Czech only)
Project ASIMO
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