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Burg / Castle Boskovice

Hrad Boskovice

Burg Boskovice

Castle Boskovice

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Castle Boskovice
Hradní 7, 680 01 Boskovice, Czech Republic
phone +420 516 452043

   Castle Boskovice

   On the boundary of Malá Haná (Little Haná) and Drahanská vrchovina (Drahanská Highlands) up on high of 460 meters above sea level rises a romantic ruin of Gothic-Reneissance Boskovice castle.
   The first mention of the Boskovice castle dates back to the first half of the 13th century. It then belonged to the noble family of Lords of Boskovice. Their coats-of-arms with seven-tooth comb later became the emblem of Boskovice town.
   The Knights of Zástrizl who owned the castle from the middle of the 16th century carried out Renaissance reconstruction of the castle. At the end of the 17th century the noble family of Dietrichstein obtained the castle together with its estate.
   The noble residence was left in the third of the 18th century, the roofs were pulled down and the masonry was used as building material for buildings in the town.
   At present the castle is owned by the family of Mensdorff - Pouilly. Only remains of then huge castle palace have been preserved till today. There is a magnificent view of the beautiful local countryside from there. One of the attractions of the castle is the 26 meters deep well the treadle wheel which is technically interesting.
   The Boskovice castle welcomes you with its round tower with Renaissance castellated wall.
At present the castle is owned by the Mensdorff - Pouilly family

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All about Boskovice and the surrounding area.
Boskovice is a beautiful town in Czech Republic, about 30 km to the North of Brno.

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